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Sponsorship Boost understands the core mission of every association is to grow, in both impact and size. One of the most successful ways to do so is by prioritizing the generation of non-dues revenue.

Sponsorship Boost creates customized strategies to help your association move to the next level. Partnering with your team, we strive to reach a common goal - your organization’s growth. By combining our expertise, technology, and knowledge of industry best practices, Sponsorship Boost provides associations with additional revenue-generating solutions in three main areas: Exhibits and Sponsorships, Digital Advertising Sales, and Sponsorship Infrastructure Development. As a team, we have more than 20 years of experience working with association conferences of varying size and scope, and are experts in substantial revenue development and sales of association courses, conferences, and meetings.

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Sponsorship Boost is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women.

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Our Strengths

We know associations.

We know how important non-dues revenue can be to association missions.  We understand the delicate balance between volunteers and staff. We can increase revenue in creative ways while adhering to industry best practices.


Our biggest strength is the creation of the exhibitor/ sponsorship prospectus. 

We invest substantial time and effort into creating this document that describes the attendee demographics or reader visibility as well the specific exhibits or sponsorships. We detail the benefits and describe all the reasons why a company should invest in the event or communication vehicle.


By strategizing in the beginning, we can more easily sell the exhibits and sponsorships to interested parties.


Our technology drives our sales actions.  

We utilize SalesForce to compile contact information, compile leads and track opportunity stages.  We have invested heavily in a custom SalesForce edition to track leads and conversion ratios.  All of our Contact leads are gathered through Data.com, LinkedIn and online research. Our marketing surveys and eblasts are processed through Constant Contact to guarantee professional design, accurate tracking and worthwhile reports. 


Our custom technology helps us find potential exhibitors, sponsors or advertisers and close sales.


Our focus is only revenue creation, not conference event planning.

Our staffing, infrastructure, training, and industry education revolves around raising revenue. We won't get sidetracked with speaker changes, room set-up labor issues, AV difficulties, or registration infrastructure. 


We are the experts in event-based non-dues revenue  - let us maximize your revenue with our single-minded focus.

Our Values
Transparency through

We guarantee that our sales approach is completely transparent to both clients and exhibitors/sponsors. Our online portal makes it easy for clients to access sales reports and for exhibitors/ sponsors to view invoices and resources.

Expertise and Distinction

We value and respect our employees, encourage their development and reward their performance. This translates into a talented and engaged workforce that provides excellence in both sales and operations for your tradeshow.


We work together - internally, between sales and operations, and externally with our clients as ONE team to produce a successful tradeshow. 

Innovative Revenue

We create unique sponsorships and modern exhibit halls that maximize revenue for our clients while providing significant marketing value for the exhibitors/sponsors.

Member Empathy

Although we focus on sales, we understand that our work funds important association programs that solve member needs. We will always balance revenue creation with what the association and members want.

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Our Team

We succeed when you succeed!

Sponsorship Boost can provide you with customized service dedicated to increasing revenue.  

Our expert staff provides unparalleled customer service in a teamwork atmosphere. 

Jennifer Kerhin, MBA, CEM


Jennifer Kerhin, President of Sponsorship Boost LLC, has more than 20 years experience working with association tradeshows and business development functions. Jennifer has a certification of exhibition management (CEM), an MBA from the Johns Hopkins University and substantial executive-level association experience. 

She founded Sponsorship Boost to support the mission of associations by increasing their non-dues revenue through exhibits and sponsorships. Sponsorship Boost helps associations create non-dues based revenue through exhibits, sponsorships, advertising and corporate partnerships. 

Understanding that active involvement within associations is the key to success, Jennifer is a committed member and volunteer in IAEE. She has been a speaker at ASAE’s Annual Meeting and IAEE’s ExpoExpo! She also founded the IAEE DC Chapter Women Leadership bookclub. 

Noelle Acaso

Sales Support

Noelle provides sales, research, and administrative support for the entire Sponsorship Boost team. She performs thorough research of our clients' industries and assists the Sales team with outreach.

Deanne Rockola Altman
Project Manager, Sales Manager

Deanne is a Sponsorship Infrastructure Development Project Manager, and Sales Manager. She excels at creating prospectuses, developing sales strategies, and managing deadlines. Her comprehensive view of each convention helps her strategize to maximize exhibit hall traffic. When not at work or being a chauffeur to her busy girls, she loves Canada, nature, hiking, and spending time on the back porch drinking coffee with her husband.

Carey Clingan

Onboarding Specialist

Carey is our Onboarding Specialist, and assists with logistics when we welcome new employees or client partners. She is our go-to with all administrative needs. Her strong organizational skills help keep the whole team prepared. 

Linda Cohen

Operations Manager

Linda is an Operations Manager responsible for all exhibit and sponsorship operations for a wide variety of clients. Her forte is managing deadlines and ensuring the accuracy of written and financial reports. Linda works with the company Marketing Team writing the Sponsorship Boost blog posts, and her hobbies include sewing and golf.

Danielle Frisby

Sales Manager

Danielle Frisby is a Sales Manager with natural abilities in sponsorship sales. She primarily works with our public health and education clients. Her sales persona on the phone is wonderful. Danielle’s creative outlet is gift giving.

Kelly Heasley

Sales Support

Kelly provides sales, research, and administrative support for the entire Sponsorship Boost team. She performs thorough research of our clients' industries and assists the Sales team with outreach.

Dana Jones
Sales Coordinator

Dana Jones is a Sales Coordinator at Sponsorship Boost. In this role, she provides full support for the Sales team, including lead generation and fulfillment. Dana also assists the Operations team, who value her attention to detail, and participates on the Marketing Team working with the company website.

Lacey Kishter

Operations Manager

Lacey is an Operations Manager at Sponsorship Boost for a wide variety of clients and has been in the Events Industry for 5 years. She is wonderful at exhibit hall floorplans and problem-solving. In her spare time, she volunteers planning Japanese Anime and Culture Conventions. Lacey is the proud recipient of an IAEE Award in 2019 – Top 20 under 30.

Katie Owings

Senior Operations Manager

Katie has been working at Sponsorship Boost for over 4 years now and oversees our operations department to uphold industry best practices. Her teamwork persona is perfectly suited for the events industry. She is the proud recipient of an IAEE Award in 2018 – Top 20 under 30.

Andrea Schermerhorn
Sr. Sales Manager

Andrea is a Senior Sales Manager who works with our medical associations and is well versed in PhRMA, AdvaMed, and ACCME guidelines. She is fantastic at creating new sponsorships that excite both attendees and sponsors. 

Andrea’s creative outlet is planning bull roasts, bingos, and galas.

Meg Szulinski

Educational Events Coordinator

Meg Szulinski provides substantial logistics support for a variety of educational events, as well as working exclusively on medical and scientific symposia for exhibitors.  She has 7+ years of in-depth on-site event management experience. Known for her quick smile and fantastic customer service attitude, Meg genuinely enjoys working closely with association management, event owners, and third-party vendors. Her goal is to ensure conference attendees come away with a value-added experience.

Tymia Wilson
Senior Sales/Account Manager

Tymia (Ty) Wilson has been with Sponsorship Boost for four years and is our Senior Sales Manager who works with our energy and education associations. She is very knowledgeable about attendee demographics and how best to find interested exhibitors/sponsors that fit those demographics. She is our in-house Excel expert and is fantastic with SalesForce.

Memberships & affiliations

We believe in associations.

Sponsorship Boost values the knowledge and networking that can be gained as members of associations. Here is the list of associations in which we belong.

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