Our Strengths

We know associations.


We know how important non-dues revenue can be to association missions.  We understand the delicate balance between volunteers and staff. We can increase revenue in creative ways while adhering to industry best practices.

Prospectus Creation 

Our biggest strength is the creation of the exhibitor/sponsorship prospectus. 


We invest substantial time and effort into creating this document that describes the attendee demographics or reader visibility as well the specific exhibits or sponsorships. We detail the benefits and describe all the reasons why a company should invest in the event or communication vehicle.


By strategizing in the beginning, we can more easily sell the exhibits and sponsorships to interested parties.


Sales Technology 

Our technology drives our sales actions.  

We utilize SalesForce to compile contact information, compile leads and track opportunity stages.  We have invested heavily in a custom SalesForce edition to track leads and conversion ratios.  All of our Contact leads are gathered through Data.com, LinkedIn and online research. Our marketing surveys and eblasts are processed through Constant Contact to guarantee professional design, accurate tracking and worthwhile reports. 


Our custom technology helps us find potential exhibitors, sponsors or advertisers and close sales.


Our focus is only revenue creation, not conference event planning.


Our staffing, infrastructure, training, and industry education revolves around raising revenue. We won't get sidetracked with speaker changes, room set-up labor issues, AV difficulties, or registration infrastructure. 


We are the experts in event-based non-dues revenue  - let us maximize your revenue with our single-minded focus.



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